Project Management

We will use our knowledge, tools, and techniques to guide project activities in a timely manner that is cohesive to the client’s budget. We will manage all aspects of the project and provide learning and integration based on the needs of the organization.

Change Management

We will create a plan that takes the organization from where they are to where they need to be. By developing a step-by-step process, we can make changes to existing policies, procedures, and organizational charts that will incrementally transform the organization over time.

Policy & Procedures

We will review and revise existing policies and procedures to ensure they meet the overall needs of the organization. We will provide assistance in the development and implementation of new policies and procedures as required.

Human Resources

We will review existing organizational structures, position descriptions, reporting methods, staffing & compensation levels, and policies & procedures. Based on this information, we will provide recommendations for areas of improvement.

Education & Governance Systems

We will work with First Nations and First Nations organizations to develop student-focused education systems that will provide continued support for their success. These education systems will include language and culture criteria and will be properly funded based on cost effective strategies.


We provide a range of services to help First Nations groups